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Thread: Export .tp4 file from RPM project

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    Export .tp4 file from RPM project

    I need to export the UI file from my RPM project in order to take screenshots for a client user guide. I seem to remember this being relatively easy but cannot find the feature in RPMLoader anymore. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!

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    You can export the UI from the rpmx file by opening the rpmx in a zip program such as 7Zip. Taking screen shots of the static panel file will not likely have good results since the panel is ENTIRELY dynamically generated based on the RPM configuration file that is loaded into the AMX controller. The best option is to load the system, with a master and panel, VNC into the panel and take screen captures of the required UI pages.

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    Hi Justin, thanks for the info. I figured out that I could change the file extension of the .rpmx project to a .zip and then extract it to a folder in order to get access to the .tp4 file. However, you are completely correct about the images being unusable but I don't currently have access to a spare panel as you suggested. Is there any way to emulate touchpanel graphics using just a laptop or is the process of connecting to both a panel and master the only option?
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    Today, the only way to display the specific project's panel layout is by using a master controller and running the associated projected.

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