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Thread: Controlling NEC PA622U projector over lan

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    Controlling NEC PA622U projector over lan

    I just completed an RPM configuration on an Enova DVX switcher and the NEC PA622u I have installed does not respond to the control command through touch panel.
    The projector is located about 40m away so I cannot use the serial port I am using the LAN

    I noticed however that, when I enter the configuration menu on the touch panel, I am able to turn it off but cannot turn it back on again.
    All the IP settings and configs have been done.

    Any advice on what to do will be appreciated.


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    I will have our ITG team look into the NEC module.
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    Hi the projector is a NEC brand and not Panasonic.
    The exact module drivers are on the AMX driver site and that is what I used or selected when I built the rpmx file, but the projector does not respond.


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